Kaizen Management, LP is based in Houston, Texas and manages a domestic investment limited partnership as well as two offshore funds. All three funds have concentrated portfolios and are generally invested in the same assets ratably.

Please contact William Smith for performance inquiries. He can be reached at (713) 529-3660 or by email at WSmith@KaizenCapital.com.

  4200 Montrose Blvd., Suite 400   Houston, TX   77006   Phone: (713) 529-3660 

About Kaizen Management , LP

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Because of the founder’s background as a founder and operator of oil and gas exploration companies, we have a bias towards investing in oil and gas, mining, and agriculture-related companies (resources) that own hard assets. These assets are consumable, non-renewable, necessary, highly scalable, and are/or will be short in supply and long in demand.

We also invest in companies whose core business we classify as “Disruptive Processes and Technologies” (those that displace and disrupt the status quo) and in companies that are “Special Situations” (those whose market value is significantly lower than its underlying net asset value and/or potential intrinsic value).

(1) The performance returns presented above are estimated performance results and are un-audited. Gross return is based on performance before management and performance fees. Net return is based on performance after management and performance fees. Cumulative since inception performance is calculated as the percentage change in value during the period of a theoretical limited partner investment made at inception of the Partnership (February 1, 2003). Actual investment returns in the Partnership may vary from the returns stated herein based on the timing of a specific partner’s investment in the Partnership. Additionally, because of the effects of compounding, each month’s return, when added together within a quarter or a year, may not equal the return stated for the respective quarter or year.

 (2)  Partnership performance net of all fees, expenses, transaction costs and General Partner performance fees.

Our current disclosure statement is set forth on Part II of Form ADV and is available for your review upon request.

Past performance of the Partnership is no guarantee of future results and is not necessarily indicative of future performance, and future results may vary substantially on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis. An investment in the Partnership involves a high degree of risk.

Performance data is based on unaudited and audited reports provided by third party accountants and our prime broker. This document is for information purposes only, and the information is believed to be reliable but is subject to change; neither Kaizen Management, LP nor Select Contrarian Value Partners, LP represents that it is accurate and complete. It does not constitute an offer to sell or the solicitation of an offer to buy any kind of security.  Any such offer will be made only through the delivery of the Confidential Private Placement Memorandum of the Partnership and execution of the related Subscription Documents.

This letter and its contents represent non-public confidential information that is subject to the confidentiality obligations set forth in relevant agreements which prohibit the disclosure, dissemination, transmission, or reproductions of this letter and its contents to third parties.